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Wholesale access to our superfast fibre network

Our rural superfast infrastructure reaches parts other providers cannot. To encourage interoperability, we open our network to communications providers who wish to extend their service to previously unreachable customers, without the need for expensive infrastructure build out. We provide access to our network in two different ways:

1. White-lable access to our managed networkwork

For communications providers that wish to offer high speed internet access to households within our network catchment that cannot be provided by incumbent operators, we offer a white-label, whole sale access product.

While we manage the physical infrastructure to the customer edge, communications providers can leverage our high speed network to offer superfast connectivity services to customers in fringe areas:

Delivery of our managed-to-the-edge high speed access product

2. Wholesale access to our physical network

For communications providers that wish to deliver services such as FttP by integrating elements of their own in-situ infrastructure between our cabinets and the customer edge, we offer direct access to our physical network, comprising:

Use our network to reach the final 5%

For information about using our infrastructure to connect with difficult to reach customers, please contact us. Pricing, commercial terms and postcode coverage are available on application.

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