Free oatcake with every order!

Superfast broadband

Approved by the people!

Andy and his team have been great. They blow Sky right out of the water.

It's the fastest you can get...

...or your money back. We're serious about speed, so we do a full survey and tune-up of your home's wiring to give you the fastest speed possible.

A big thumbs up. They’ve even been round to tune our wiring so we get the best speed.

Made in Leek since 2002

We're from round your way, so no call centres, phone queues or fuss. It's just great broadband with prompt help that's easy to call upon. Oh, and since this is Staffordshire, a free oatcake with your order.

Brilliant. Finally happy with our ISP, no more buffering!

No limits or buffering

Help yourself to as much as you need, and enjoy buffer-free HD movies, boxsets and on-demand content.

Start your order! Join your fellow Staffordshire folk - it's your local superfast broadband revolution.
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