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Wireless superfast broadband: What, when, how?

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How does it work?

Unlike "normal" broadband which uses a combination of fibre optic and copper wire to connect you to the internet, our wireless service beams a high speed signal directly to your home. This means that as long as we can get "line of sight" between your home and one of our various broadcast masts, you can get an officially superfast service — no matter how far you are from the nearest telephone exchange.

How fast is it?

You can choose from 25Mbps or 50Mbps. What's more, we can be highly confident of providing the speed that you opt for — this is because we don't rely on any existing wired infrastructure.

At these speeds, you'll be able to stream HD content without buffering, enjoy smooth online gaming (and those day-one 1GB patches will no longer be a problem!) while day-to-day browsing will be a breeze.

Is the service unlimited?

Yes. You're free to use as much bandwidth as you want, without any worries about hitting a usage limit or incurring over-usage charges. Perfect for streaming as much on-demand television as you want: get the most out of your Netflix, Amazon and Sky subscriptions at last!

And, it's superfast all the time...

You may well have suffered the frustration of the daily evening s-l-o-w down with your existing broadband, when everyone is trying to get online. With our independent service, you'll be able to say cheerio to this particular annoyance. That's because our network has enough capacity to deal with all the demand that's thrown at it. This means that we don't need to resort to "traffic shaping" or throttling your connection, and you can enjoy consistently high speeds, whatever the time of day (or night).

How much does it cost?

The 25Mbps service is £30/month, and the 50Mbps service is £40/month. Both services have a £343 installation fee, which includes everything you'll need to receive the service (more on that below).

What is the contract length?

The contract length for all services is one year.

Do I need a landline?

No — a landline isn't required in order to receive the service.

What equipment will I need to get the service?

You will need a small dish (think in terms of the size of a dinner plate) which we will mount to the outside of your home. This is included with your fitting and installation, along with a wireless router to distribute the signal around your home.

Does fog/rain/snow affect the signal?

Technically, yes, adverse weather conditions will have an impact on the signal. However, there would be no noticeable slow down — our intelligent equipment detects weather events and adjusts accordingly to maintain the speed available to you.

How does this solution compare with satellite broadband?

Typically, broadband delivered via satellite suffers from two key issues: it's expensive, and exhibits high latency (or lag). Because it's expensive to deliver, you're typically subject to quite stingy usage caps. Meanwhile, the high latency caused by the 22,000 mile round-trip involved in sending and receiving the signal means it's not particularly well suited to browsing the internet or using services like Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime. The good news is that because our wireless service is relatively less costly to deliver, there are no usage caps. Even better, latency isn't even an issue — it's virtually the same as fibre (and far quicker than sending a signal over traditional copper telephone wire).

How long does it take to get up and running?

We can typically have you up and running with a week or two — this gives us time to come and carry out an on-site survey, and look into/apply for any government subsidy help that may be available to you to offset your installation fee.

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